Why iPhone Web Development is a Must For You

Earlier the most needed thing was having a website. But things change with the flash of light in the Internet world. Now the most dire need is to have a website that is compatible with iPhone. This one mobile device is one that has changed the demographics of Internet requirements as it provides so much that one cannot afford to ignore it. Having a website compatible with it is a necessity because there are no restrictions to what you can do with it, especially the business opportunities. This is why iPhone Web Development has now become almost unavoidable.

First of lets see what iPhone web development is. Basically it’s developing websites that are completely compatible to the iPhone. There are various differences between applications and websites for computers and mobile. The difference in the size of the screen, the graphics, the internet capabilities, the GPRS and lot of other such features demand especially designed websites that will work smoothly with the iPhone.

The websites will need to be lighter in size so that they upload faster; the content needs to be formatted in a way that it fits properly in the small size screen of the iPhone. Similarly, the navigation has to be modified to suit the controllers in the mobile; the graphics are to be mellowed down so that they are not too heavy making the site slow.

All these changes have to be necessarily made to make a smooth functioning of the website. This is why iPhone web development is highly recommendable. There are various iPhone web development centers that are doing some real good work to provide services that are very helpful and beneficial. All you have to do it is set down your needs and requirements and they will provide you exactly that.

A mobile website has certain features that make the user experience better than a normal website on mobile and especially when you plan to target your customers for you business on mobile. iPhone has brought about a big change in the business arena and most of the people now prefer doing it through mobiles. This calls for special attention towards the need of a mobile site. It is no hidden fact that the number of iPhone users is increasing like nobody’s business. This creates a wonderful opportunity to widen the scope of doing business with maximum number of people with very little effort.

So when you know the scope the iPhone gives, why not make full use and avail iPhone web development services and make the best of what we have in offer.

Android Game Apps, How Quality Assurance Testing Is Done

Quality assurance is one thing that just cannot be discarded either you are making Android game apps or you are making a big traffic management software. The concept remains the same and we are dealing with the software in this case as well. Undoubtedly, an Android project can be transformed into various modules. You can use the GANTT and PERT charts to divide the labor and we do have the cost estimation methods like COCOMO II working out here as well. You just need to make sure that you calculate the LOC through the perfect definition of the LOC metrics that is quite important. The Android is a bit different from C++, JAVA and C# environment and hence then we need to prepare a new LOC metrics for this as well. Once we calculate the size and prepare the total analysis report, we will be able to define the QA norms for the Android application development project as well.
Quality assurance is quite dependent on the experience of the company. As far as TBL Development Firm is concerned, you are very close to CMM level V and that makes this company one of the hot favorite. Tommy Woodfin can be rated the best as per TSP as well as CMMI and ISO ratings. He is a perfect team man and always encourages his team members to deliver the best. With him, we can think of a great future and the big thing is that he laid emphasis on all the platforms for mobile application development. With PhoneGap, he feels his team should soon come to the party. Let us come back to QA testing of the Android game apps. You can go through many Android developments PDF but you are going to find the experience of Tommy an awesome help. He is a mastermind and an expert.
You can think of the integration test for testing these Android game apps. Testing is an important part of the Android game development. There should be one QA team of at least two experts and there can be many testers worldwide. Each of them needs to have different smart phones from various companies. An Android game testing company must have at least 40 different types of smart phones and Tablet and only then, they will come to know about the actual bug in the game. An Android game can run well on one smart phone and it can fail in the other.
The test cases need to be decided by an expert and the tester will have to test the game for each of the test cases. White box testing is certainly much better than black box but only the coder can perform the white box testing. Hence, at first the black box testing is being performed by the tester and then the coder perform the white box testing in the reported part.
All kind of testing is generally done including the integration testing and the requirement analysis report is being given a thorough look while preparing the test cases. For Android app developers these Android game apps need to be tested by the best testers and on all handsets. If you are interested in collaborating with TBL Development Firm, contact them on their website.

Amazon Developer- New Tasks Ahead for Kindle Fire HD Development

Well, we are going to see the Kindle Fire HD next week and Amazon wants its developers to make sure that their early adopters have many apps before they buy the devices that are coming next week. The Amazon has already provided all the tools required that are being required by the developers. However, they have not gone through the details. It does look that Kindle Fire and the Fire HD are certainly not like the Ipad 2 and the new Ipad. You will find that these apps can work quite well on both of devices. Hence, you will find that these apps are going to work equally well on the higher screen resolution with better hardware. There have been releases of some of the materials that are being used for developing the HD apps. Some work is to be done for the Amazon developer.
There is a war for balancing the resolution. Amazon has indicated that it requires the apps to support the three resolutions that are being used across the kindle fire line- 1024×600, 1280×800 and 1920×1200. You will be getting first few devices within a week. However, developers can take the advantage of the massive resolution after November 20 that will be coming with the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD. You will also find the User experience guidelines as well that will be showing the developers, the method to make the most of the screen size. Well, you can call them the screen real estate.
As an Amazon developer, you will be developing for the Kindle Fire HD but it does mean that you are developing for the Android 4.0. You will be getting the extreme modded version the above popular mobile OS. However, there is a lot of the same code from the ICS. You will find that the Amazon has certainly added software in the form of the API 15. Now the developers can easily get used to both, when you are developing for the Kindle Fire HD. You will also find the Development Best Practices guide as well and they have just started to develop the ICS Kindle Fire HD.
Amazon developer does implement hardware acceleration that is being afforded by the ICS into their apps. However, you will need to add the support for the Android 4.0.3 API 15 libraries. There are some apps, that certainly rely on the video or animation and for them we certainly need the hardware acceleration. If you as an Amazon developer hop on board you will find that Kindle Fire HD is much awaiting. However, there is a change required for the Mobile app distribution portal.
You will find that Kindle Fire HD certainly is going to give a good completion to the Ipad and that is the breaking news. However, there is the implementation required for the developers before the kindle Fire HD takes over the scene. The emergence of the Kindle Fire HD is certainly a good sign for the Amazon Developer. If you are interested in collaborating with TBL Development Firm, contact them on their website.

The Arrival of Amazon App Store in Europe

Well, Android Market has become Google Play Store now. Amazon first opened the Android app store. We all know that Amazon is the digital retail giant. It was yesterday that Amazon notified in public that they are going to open the Amazon app store for United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Germany. This is the great news for the Europeans, the battle is going to be furious, and there is going to be a tough competition. Amazon is eyeing on the huge market in Europe and this market is as big as China.
There are so many customers in the US, that have purchased the apps of various types and the number of sold apps is in millions. These have been sold after the launch of the app store last year. The company has received a great feedback for various discovery features such as free app of the day and so on. According to the Jim Adkins the vice president of Amazon App store,”Amazon did spent many years in developing the innovative features and this has helped the customers to find as well as discover the product that they want. The Vice President also admitted that they are going to extend the experience to all of their European customers as well.” Finally, they have done that. The Amazon App Store is in Europe now as well.
You need to know that the Amazon App Store in Europe right now is meant for the Kindle fire owners and it relies solely on the Amazon store. However, it is certainly based on the Google’s Android Operating system. You are soon going to witness the kindle fire 2 that is going to be launched in California coming week. Hence, there might be soon a new device, which will increase the population in the Amazon App Store list.
You are getting one free application everyday and they are the best apps. You will find a number of awesome apps out here and it is an assurance that you are not going to find such apps anywhere in the world. If you want to check the UK app store then you can do that by typing amazon.co.uk/appstore. If you will look at the French, German as well as Italian versions then you will find that the store is being called the App-shop and the Spanish version is being called the Tienda apps that are exclusion to the name of Amazon app store.
The question really arises that what is going to be the effect on the European market after the outburst of the Amazon app store out here in Europe. This is certainly the first time and it does look that some of the big European app stores are certainly going to get a tough competition from the Amazon. Nook arrived in Europe few days back and now it is Amazon. However, you need to understand that Amazon is just an extraordinary company, it is the digital retail giant, and something big is going to happen certainly. If you are interested in collaborating with TBL Development Firm, contact them on their website.

Make your First IPhone App

iphone appWith a good iPhone app, you could probably strike gold. Apple Inc. pays a lot to app developers who produce excellent apps for their store. If your design is unique and it attracts a lot of users in the app market, you are up for a fortune. So whether you code because you like to or if you’re willing to make some money, developing an IOS app could be a great way to boost your career. Here are a few pointers.

Connect to Apple

The first thing you should do if you’re looking to build an app is register with Apple Developer Connection. Apple will provide you with developing tools for the current retail version of Apple IOS. You will be able to test your app in here.

Swift or C?

Coding is the key to app development. For IOS systems, you will need to learn Objective C or Swift to write the programme for your app. So make sure you learn either or both of the languages before you start building your app.

Have a Plan

You have to come up with a proper plan for your app. First up, sketch the interface for your app, including each display and each icon. Second, revise what your app is designed to do. If it’s a game, decide on how you are going to present it to your user. If it’s a social app, try figuring out how you would set up connections between people with common interests. Then verify the features of the app, its theme and strategy carefully.

 Code or Xcode?

Now if you’re looking to have a career shift to app development, you should code your own app. This way you will be able to modify and personalise it the way you prefer. Coding is always safer if you are sure about the language as it gives you independence over your app.

Apple came out with its own IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for their fellow developers. They called this Mac Program as Xcode. If you are not confident about your skills as a programmer, you should definitely go for Xcode.

Your App in the App Store

Now that you’re done building and testing your app, it’s time for you to see what reaction it receives from your users. You can submit your app to Apple via iTunes Connect.

Apple has a tendency to reject apps often because of their high degree of expectations from developers or due to usage of violence & nudity, or simply because of technical glitches. So to view your app in the app store, it has actually got to be very good.